New Day Calls

22 November 2011

First call in Australian bush before dawn made by Kookaburra

A very accurate alarm clock signalling beginning of a new day.

*4 May 2012

We found rhythm of the typical day we observed so distinct in Northern Territory to be far more varied in New South Wales and Tasmania. That would go also for the Kookaburra’s first light call activities so peculiar in the NT and Kimberley. This species is also easier to spot and come by in NSW (the Blue-Winged Kookaburra). In any case it was very nice to hear them again and a truly friendly welcome – it refreshed our memories from NT  soon after we landed in Australia. Calls of Kookaburras in the North and East/South-East vary a little but they maintain the same character. 
Joined by another regulars like Blue-faced Honeyeater Its calls follow shortly afterwards.
Untitled photo
Large 20 x 20

Dreaming II

17 July 2011

No small Leaf, no Reflection, no stir of Wind ..

no Flight of a bird, no Sound of a river, no cloud in the Sky

no shutter release .. is for the second time ..

Only the Dreaming remains

Unchanged ..

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