Rio Borosa

1 Quadalquivir Valley

24-120/4 @24mm, f7.1, near its origin, afternoon sun in full power; D90
High up in the Quadalquivir River origin. Looking towards the peaks of the Rio Borosa source which are the tops on the furthest horizon left off the centre.

2 Rio Borosa Valley

24-120/4 @30mm, f9; D90, fresh morning, contra jour, rising sun
The night's cool dying out.

3 Rio Borosa

Tokina 11-16@14mm, f7.1, contra-jour; D7000 Branches of a Fig Tree basking in the sun

4 Old Rowan's Spring Time

24-120/4 @35mm, f8; D90 higher part of the Borosa riverbed is used to be regularly flooded; Segura's hill side in the background.

5 Rio Borosa

Nikkor 24-120/4 @24mm, f7.1; D90

6 Borosa Canyon

Tokina 11-16 @16mm, f6.3; D7000

7 Rio Borosa ; Upper Reaches

Tokina 11-16@11mm, f7.1, late afternoon; D7000

8 Nacimiento de Aguas Negras

Tokina 11-16 @11mm, f7.1, sun low on the horizon behind me, Sierra de Segura; D7000
The River Borosa source is a spring feeding Agua Negros close to Laguna de Valdeazores which was the aim of our hike. On our way back.

9 Rio Borosa Gorge

Tokina 11-16 @14mm, f7.1, Segura hills; D7000

From this point the path is rising steep to the very top of the hills. This is on our way down back from the top.

10 Sierra de Segura

Tokina 11-16 @ 16mm, f7.1; D7000

Clouds briefly cleared away somewhere far on the horizon and the tops of the rocks above us lighted up for a few last minutes. We needed to move on because we didn't take the head torches and there were some tricky sections to pass. All went good, despite a bit of rush on the way down. The midnight supper tasted great in the mild air under the sky lit by the Moon.
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