Ten Pictures Walk

1 Nawurlandja & Burrunggui

Tokina 11-16 @16mm, f8; hottest part of the day; D90
View from Nawurlandja Rock towards Anbangbang billabong.
Looking at the Rock Burrunggui (Nourlangie - the northern tip), a large outlier of the Arnhem Land Plateau.
It's area of important camping sites and shelters of Warramal clan on a main route to the East and South Alligator River floodplain.
Arnhem Land escarpment on distant horizon.

2 Burrunggui ; The Northern Tip

70-200/4 IS @70mm, f7.1; 450D

1600 mil years ago mountains melted in erosion cycle creating sheets of compacted sand on the sea and lake beds in this area.
Waters vanished and the sandstone land remained. Ages go by and the sandstone formations erode wearing down gradually.
140 mil years ago a shallow sea has come again eroding layers of hundreds of meters of a thick sandstone land further into the sea cliffs and islands. It was an age of dinosaurs.
Seas receded and 40 000 years ago someone made a fire to eat his food under the rock face. We don't know his name but he has gotten one.
Living pages of his life.
And destiny.

3 Burrunggui ; Light

Nikkor @16mm, f8; D90

We negotiated our path in the dark to reach this point at daybreak.
Wet season creek and its waterfall (in the image) had still some water running; a quiet murmur sound of the trickle was filling the place.
The climb became steeper but was not difficult and more in the open and with more light to see even the spider's nets
Patch of small monsoon forest found its niche.

4 Burrunggui Sunrise

tokina 11-16 @13mm, f7.1; D90
Walk through the dimmish bush to reach the view early paid off.
The savanna woodland is changing into a stone country growth with sandstone Pandanus common;
an endemic species growing only in sandstone habitats within the Arnhem Land Plateau.

5 Burrunggui ; Near the Top

Tokina 11-16 @11 mm, f8, dazzling reflection of the rock face; D90

6 The Spring ; Burrunggui plateau heartland

Tokina 11-16 @11mm, f10; D90

Channels of streams carved into the rock on the flat top change their appearance with seasons.
Silky Oak and Eucalyptus re-appear on the flats.

7 Once every thousand years

Young girl passes this place

She listens to the birds and she has nothing to do

One time in a thousand years
A young boy sees a butterfly here. He rests in the grass and has nothing to do

One time in a thousand years I come here and wish all Beings their dreams come true

Once every thousand years a man and woman pass the place
They melt in horizons to greet the Stars

8 The Burrunggui ; Towards the Arnhem Land

70-200/4 IS @70mm, f7.1; 450D, northern side of the massif; the environment comprises of basically a bare rock.

9 Floodplains ; East A River

Nikkor @46mm, f9; sun setting down; D90

10 Arnhem Land

70-200/4 IS @70mm, f13; 450D We are of the same root. At one point the fate of humans hung on a thin hair.

A few small pockets remained at that time in Africa, it was yes or not.
A narrow escape. The climate only just turned around. We were allowed to exist. By God or Nature, at will. We all have origin in these groups. Let's make our long story to be a great one.
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