New Zealand

20th April 2014

*22 July 2018

on ascending a hill

We spent over one and half month in New Zealand lost in its nature with our cameras.

Very happy times. Some images in some galleries already.

1st February 2015

It is going to be a year and we now are preparing for our next trips this spring and summer. But the journey experience remains vivid  as if the year had not passed.

A few events such as late arrival of our bags (two days delay) and weather elements had prepared for us a special blend of timing and the way our actions were taken. Not all that unfamiliar on our travels. One of the results was that we were not really stopping. One of the other was that everything was perfect as long as we didn’t. So we sure were not and flew through the lands in a non-stop manner. But the elements were looking after us remarkably well on and shortly before we managed to collapse, as we actually began to look for realising our entire plan, unscheduled and pretty grumpy cyclone Luci made us lie down in a thermal stream as it seemed threatening to blow our car into one of the lakes we were passing. The experience was both very refreshing and inspiring. Definitely, something you remember well and so we then had a swim in these streams regularly during our journey across this (north) island.

The stream temperature was just as hot as a good bath and as the night fell drifting vapours, whirling and blending around disorderly with the vegetation, completed the surrounding after the late bird song went silent and the stars lit up the sky to that sort of perfection again. This was invoking a peculiar feeling that you haven’t at all stopped and that this is not a trip anymore, but more like a story where the beginnings and the ends are blended together.

North Island NZ

Our good, old, high mileage, wonky buffers Forester. Touit 32 @f5.6, ISO 800; NEX 6

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